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FULL Sincere Butler Dealership Package


  • Black/Dark Colored Vehicles additional $19.99
  • Pet hair additional $59.99
  • Hand Wash/Dry
  • Complete Interior Vacuum
  • Steam Clean all Carpeted areas and Upholstery
  • Clean and Condition all Leather and Vinyl
  • Detailed Cleaning of all Cup Holders, Storage Space, Center Console and Glove Compartment
  • Windows (interior & exterior), Mirrors and Glass Surfaces
  • Clean Tires, White Walls and Rims
  • Dress Tires & Wheel Wells
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Buff (remove oxidation, scratches and other paint imperfections from clearcoat and conventional paint finishes, reviving the original luster)
  • Wax application (leaving a durable brilliant shine)
  • Fragrance available, if preferred
  • Ending with a Final Touch-up Spray and Wipe-down containing special optical brighteners (adding instant depth of gloss to clear coat paint and assures a showroom finish prior to vehicle delivery)
  • The only areas of the vehicle that will be excluded from our Full Detail will be headliners and engines and Ceramic Coating 9H

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